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Custom Beats

Serious business inquiries feel free to cantact me.
Monday/Saturaday 9am-6pm est.
A down payment is required.

443-637-2821. Please leave a messege.
Custom Beats
Do you need a specific type of beat for your project? For a affordable price i can make it for you.

Benefits of Custom Made Beats:
Your beat can beat any length, tempo and have as many chorus/verses you request.
You are the only one that will hear the beat.
Track Outs / Stems will be availible for download..
You will be the owner of the beat and can copyright the instrumental in your name

Prices can range from $75 - $200 and can take as little as 2hours depending on how specific you are about what you want. Before the production of a beat you will need to provide half of the total that will be negotiated and a specific example of the beat.

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