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Music Production Services

Submitting your files:

  • Create and label a .zip folder(S).
  • Add the beat and/or the track outs into a .zip folder.
  • Add the vocals into a .zip folder.
  • Make sure to name each .zip folder.
  • Choose a purchasing option & make your payment.
  • Email me the .zip files(s) to the email link.
Mixing & Mastering Service
Here at get your songs mix & master for a affordable price.

For The Best Results:
Before sending your song export every file individually in WAV. or AIFF. format. For example; your lead vocals, chorus and ad libs should be in separate files. The instrumental should also be broken down into individual files. For example; the bassline, synthesizers, piano, kick, snare, etc. should also be in separate files.
Take all effects off of your recording unless you fill that it is essential to the song, like a phaser effect on a quitar. Reverb, compression, etc. should be taken off.

Mixing & Mastering Service
Custom Beats

Need beats made the way you want them? I will make them for you at a reasonable price. Go here.

Free Email Blasts

When you are done with your song with my beat(s) send me a copy with a photo or video and a brief bio.
Contact me at : 443-637-2821

Free Social Network Posts

Send me a copy or a link to where your song with my beat is and i will post it on social networks that i am connected to.
Contact me at : 443-637-2821