Independent music artists are artists that produce music without any major commercial record labels or their subsidiaries. Most indie artist make music with a pure passion for the art and the messeges they often have in there music. Support indie artists!
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Raymond Simmons
From the Black Light Explosion Psychedelic era in the early 1970's around the San Francisco Bay Area emerged Raymond Simmons, afro-styled conga drummer extraordinaire. For the past forty years Raymond has played with dance classes, drum choirs,...
Foeeee, an southern Hip-Hop artist from Denton, Texas. At 22 years of age, Payton Fore is represented by a music group named Early gang local to East St. Louis. Under Petty Eddie, CEO and fellow artist, Fore uses his artistic abilities to relieve...
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B*#$+* I'm From Texas ft.Twinboi Musik
B*#$+* I'm From Texas ft.Twinboi Musik B*@+&$ I'm From Texas Twinboi 19 plays  
BIG BOI ROI THE Don Ize SHOW: RAP STARZ FOR DUMMIES Evooize De Medici 16 plays  
One In A Billion
One In A Billion THE Don Ize SHOW: RAP STARZ FOR DUMMIES Evooize De Medici 20 plays  
Lights,Camera,Action Grinch Dollaz 18 plays  
Desperado (Prod. By Frankie Montana)
Desperado (Prod. By Frankie Montana) HusL 8 plays  
 / 21