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CentricBeats.com is where you will find the best quality list of instrumentals for affordable prices. You can lease the non exclusive or exclusive rights to instrumentals for you projects.

Genres include: R&B, Dance, Hip Hop, Neo Soul, Trap instrumental beats online for your songs, commentary, movie, commercial or any project.

Search for individual beat genres by clicking on ' Beats ' at the top of the page.

The licensing options you have to choose from are: Non Exclusive, Premium, Exclusive and Ownership. Read full details. here.

After you make a purchase you will receive in your email a mp3 and wave file to the instrumental plus a electronically signed downloadable pdf file of the licensing agreement.

If you purchase a premium or exclusive license to a beat you will be sent the track outs/ stems no later 24 hours after the purchase.
Independent music artists are artists that produce music without any major commercial record companies or their subsidiaries backing.
Most indie artists make music for the pure love and passion for creating songs.
Putting positive masseges in music sometimes seems to be a lost art, but where you can find these songs are with indie artists.

Support indie artists!

Exclusive Lease
$50 & $175

Track Outs Sent Within 6 hours
Receive mp3, wave and contract instantly.
Independently sell unlimited copies.
Unlimited commercial usages.
Must give credit to CentricBeats.com.
50% publishing rights with bmi, ascap, etc..
CentricBeats.com owns 50% of the publishing.

Full Ownership
Make a Offer!

Track Outs Sent Within 6 hours
Receive mp3, wave and contract instantly.
You keep 100% publishing rights
Youtube Content Id Synchronization
Beat completely deleted from the internet.

Youtube Content ID Release

Synchronization Rights on Youtube for free beats and previously purchased exclusive beat leases

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